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Monette VS cheap chinese mp

: 15 maja 2018, 09:36
autor: gigispermaloso
Hi guys,

I just recorded a video in which I compare by playing a Monette Silver 4 and a very cheap chinese mouthpiece (only €4,80 including shipping to Italy!) that I found on ebay.

Just don't consider wrong notes, or the first croocked part of the video...just compare the tone.

What do you think?

Re: Monette VS cheap chinese mp

: 30 maja 2018, 19:24
autor: djfender
The silver one sounds better (it offers wider and reacher sound) but in my feeling the gold one (chinese) has better "sound to price" ratio.

TVs are horizontal, please record video in the same manner. ;)

Re: Monette VS cheap chinese mp

: 4 cze 2018, 11:33
autor: Kamil
I can hear Monette's tone as way prettier, articulation is much more accurate as well...

PS Very nice sound quality in this video, kind of surround - what device did you record it with, is it a mobile phone?